DENMARK - Copenhagen - Vestamager

Kalvebod Fælled "Kalvebod Commons" - also known as Vestamager, takes up roughly one fourth of the island of Amager near Copenhagen. The area consists of reclaimed sea bed, with a number of former islets making up small isolated hills; it was dammed and drained during the 1940s to serve as an artillery training range. After active military use ended in 1983, some of the area has been used for transportation infrastructure and the Ørestad urban development. Most of the area, however, lies as lightly maintained parkland featuring a range of nature types, from young forests to tidal marshes; some areas are prevented from developing into forests by grazing livestock and game. A large area in the southwestern corner is set aside as an EU-recognized bird protection area to which the general public has no access. Pix from July/August 2012.

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